Winding rollers
winding rollers

Double Ogive F.I.TE.SOL.

Sometimes “less” is not “more”

The DOUBLE OGIVE F.I.TE.SOL. keeps the fabric seam hidden inside the ogive groove, avoiding the annoying wrinkles. In fact, with the simple SINGLE OGIVE, the seam remains exposed and forms an annoying wrinkle along the fabric.

Moreover, with the DOUBLE OGIVE F.I.TE.SOL., it is possible to decide the direction in which the fabric will be rolled up during the assembly of the awning, allowing you to solve any unforeseen design or installation issues.

The DOUBLE OGIVE F.I.TE.SOL. also increases the stiffness and flexural strength of the winding roller.

Roller with double ogive

Roller with single ogive

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